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More than just Bingo, our product line has been streamlined to include

2 BINGO programs, POKENO, DINGO, and Advertisement software.


Our product line now offers 5
  unique software solutions

Our product line now offers 5 unique software solutions.

You're invited to see why we have happy customers!


Bingo Rose was established in 2009 primarily to create useful and entertaining game software at an affordable price. We remain dedicated to that objective. We are proud of our record of producing superior software solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our development curve encourages feedback from people like you who are using these products in everyday situations.


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to replace your aging, single-use Bingo equipment with a modern and affordable software solution everyone will enjoy !


Replace your old flashboard

Old single-use, breakdown prone flashboard


Why spend hard earned dollars for Bingo equipment when you likely already own equipment that will produce much more professional results? All you need is an affordable software solution. Bingo Hall Plus. Only $149.95 USD !!!


Bingo Hall Plus - The flagship Bingo Rose product


Laptop with the Bingo Hall Plus software solution

Laptop with the Bingo Hall Plus software solution

Bingo Hall Plus software demoPrepare to be amazed !

Bingo Rose would like you to

Try Before You Buy !


Download the full-feature

Bingo Hall Plus software demo.

Affordable Software Solutions 

Everything you need to amaze your patrons in an affordable software solution. This is how your Bingo hall should be !


By connecting your computer to a quality LCD TV (or bank of TVs) or a projector for projection to a large screen, the true power of our software solutions can be optimized.

Download a Bingo Hall Plus Software Highlights presentation


* A short PowerPoint presentation outlining the Bingo Rose company roots and main features of the Bingo Hall Plus software, our flagship product, can be downloaded to your computer for review offline.

If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can download the PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft. Hall Plus Software


* This Bingo Hall Plus Software Highlights presentation is also available as a YouTube video or wmv format video: Hall Plus v21.wmv


* Want to read about all of the Bingo Hall Plus features? Complete software documentation is available at: Hall Plus Software Documentation

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.


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Veteran Owned and Operated


Bingo Rose proudly makes available 100 8.5" X 11" sheets of no repeat 3 ON Bingo cards. All 75 numbers appear on each sheet, three of which are identified as not on any of the 3 Bingo cards. This makes playing the game easy and fun for all participants.

The sheets are contained in a single pdf file (contained in a downloadable ZIP file). Print them all or just the number you need. Laminate them for long lasting use.

Running a special event? Contact Bingo Rose if you are interested in purchasing these cards with your own corporate logo or sponsorship ad, which will replace our logo, for just $10. You just need to provide your 292 X 174 px dimension logo / ad image file.

Download the free cards here.

Free Bingo Cards

Sample Testimonial


"Nowadays, it seems so commonplace for people to make promises about their products, that just don't deliver. You and your software definitely go above and beyond anything posted on your website. Thanks again for your outstanding customer service and for considering the needs of your customers. This program is the best investment that I have made in quite a long time."

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Bingo Rose has proudly built its reputation by consistently providing exceptional customer service to compliment its acclaimed BINGO software solutions. We love hearing from (and often visiting with) our customers!


 You may contact us via:

SKYPE phone number (863)614-1954 (If no answer, please try again later or

email us with a name and number we can get back to you at.)

or email at


 Alternatively, you may reach us at one of our Seasonal locations:

 Period April to September (Summer):

email at :, or

mail at : 63 River Elm Drive, West St Paul, Manitoba, Canada R2V 4G2, or

phone between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM CST at : (204)334-3425


 Period October to March (Winter):

email at :, or

mail at : 215 Kimberly Drive, Lakeland, Florida, USA 33815-3432, or

phone between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM EST at : (863)606-5882


 NOTE: Service may be limited during the last week of March and September due to seasonal relocation.

Please contact us by email only. Efforts to return messages will be made each evening.


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