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Bingo Rose was established in 2009 primarily to create useful and entertaining game software at an affordable price. We have remained dedicated to that objective and are proud of our record of producing superior software solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our development curve encourages feedback from people like you who are using these products in everyday situations.

Bingo Rose has developed a variety of types / versions of software to meet the specific needs of different customers. However, effective in January 2024, the product line has been returned to our original BINGO and POKENO products to best serve our valued customers.

Bingo Rose products

NOTE: All Bingo Rose software requires a Windows Operating System and a minimum 1366 X 768 screen resolution (the designed resolution of our software to fill the screen). Your computer and any attached projection equipment must be capable of at least this resolution.

Bingo Rose software is designed on a Microsoft Access 2007 platform, enough of which to operate our software is installed as the second stage of our installation process. A simple modification to the software launch icon Target property ensures that the software opens in the correct version of Access. The software uses the Oswald font to ensure crisp number display. An installation package for this font is installed with the software (installation takes mere seconds). Our communication regarding installation provides clear instruction regarding how to correctly / fully install our software.