Bingo Rose Downloads

The following software is currently available to Bingo Rose customers for download. The installation files are contained in a single ZIP file.


Bingo Hall Plus Demo

2 Day Demo

We are pleased to offer a FREE 2 day demo of our Bingo Hall Plus software. While no interaction with Bingo Rose is required to review this demo, we recommend contacting us to ensure you are discovering all of the features included in this comprehensive and flexible program.

We strongly suggest you request the 7 day demo.

Please read the detailed instructions (BINGO HALL PLUS – Single day demonstration copy section and DOWNLOAD / INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS section) at

7 Day Demo

For customers who would like a less restrictive 7 day demo of the Bingo Hall Plus software, please contact Bingo Rose with:

  • Name
  • Organization Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Your website address if available

Please read the detailed instructions (BINGO HALL PLUS – 7 day demonstration copy section and DOWNLOAD / INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS section) at

NOTE: Before running the software for the first time after installation, you must replace certain files that were installed to bypass the normal registration. These files will be emailed to you in response to your request for the demo.

Purchased Software

Please note that, other than the demo software identified above, a product Installation Code, as well as a License, is necessary to unlock and install these programs. The Installation Code and License information will be emailed to the email address provided to Bingo Rose at time of purchase once your order has been processed.

The two stage setup routine for each program includes a Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime installation, enough of the Access 2007 program necessary to run Bingo Rose programs.

Please select the appropriate link for the software you purchased to initiate the download.  Save the file to a location on your computer that you will easily find. Launch the installation by double-clicking the setup.exe file contained in the ZIP file.



FREE Race software

FREE Race software

The 'Races' software, designed by Bingo Rose in support of a local charity, is an entertaining software program that simulates an outing at the race track.

Bingo Rose, a veteran owned business, encourages support of charitable organizations !!!

We proudly extend a complimentary license for our 'Races' software that may help with your fundraising efforts. Follow this link to download your copy:

'Races' software documentation / download

Free Bingo Cards

FREE Bingo Cards

Bingo Rose proudly makes available 100 8.5" X 11" sheets of no repeat 3 ON Bingo cards. All 75 numbers appear on each sheet, three of which are identified as not on any of the 3 Bingo cards. This makes playing the game easy and fun for all participants.
The sheets are contained in a single pdf file (contained in a downloadable ZIP file). Print them all or just the number you need. Laminate them for long lasting use.
Running a special event? Contact Bingo Rose if you are interested in purchasing these cards with your own corporate logo or sponsorship ad, which will replace our logo, for just $10. You just need to provide your 292 X 174 px dimension logo / ad image file.