Bingo Hall Plus main screen

BINGO HALL PLUS - Our flagship product

Why spend hard earned dollars for Bingo equipment when you likely already own equipment that will produce much more professional results? All you need is an affordable software solution to maximize your venue for Bingo enjoyment by caller and patron alike. A comprehensive and flexible tool for any organization. Only $149.95 USD !!!

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Bingo Flashboard (Basic) main screen

BINGO FLASHBOARD (BASIC) - Add a professional
                                                                 look to your Bingo event !

If you have your own ball delivery system (ball cage) and therefore just need a professional method of projecting a large screen display of the numbers that have been called, you need the Bingo Flashboard (Basic) software. It features an uncluttered and visually appealing screen layout with prominent last ball called display and balls called counter. A ball caller feature reduces caller fatigue and assists patrons by providing a consistent sound they can become familiar with. Only $59.95 USD !!!

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POKENO PLUS main screen

POKENO PLUS - Taking the board game to a
                          new level of sophistication.

Pokeno Plus is an entertaining software program that allows groups of people to enjoy a simple card game without the need for the cards. No one needs to worry about shuffling the deck, calling out the next card, nor flipping through called cards to validate a winner's game board. And if that alone doesn't make this software unique, new features pioneered by Bingo Rose take the board game to a whole new level that can be enjoyed by large groups! No longer is being the dealer a chore ! Only $69.95 USD !!!

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